laugardagur, október 24, 2009

A new sewing machine

Just bought myself a new sewing machine last weekend. It's a total beuty, cost me a bundle, but so worth it. The greatness is Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0

I've been doing alot of sewing lately, latest projects are a dress for me, soft pants for Hrafn, Aladdin pants for me and I'm well on my way with a jacket for Hrafn. As for knitting, I took a knitting ceminar at Heimilisiðnararfélagið but havn't been knitting alot. I'm making some Christmas presents, they are a secret but there is some crochet involved. I will also sew a couple of presents but that is about it in homemade presents this year.

That's it for now but did you see I wrote everything in English? I'm practicing, so maybe more people will read my blog. If I write a complete mess, please correct me in the comments